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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I remember, many years ago, watching Starsky and Hutch on TV, when just occasionally the episode would be a little more complicated than usual. Somehow Huggy wouldn't be able to tell them who did it or the bad guy wasn't in when they went round or maybe there were more empty cardboard boxes in the alley to drive through, whatever, there was a moment in the program when I thought "uh oh, there is no way they can finish all this in 5's going to be a 'To Be Continued' episode". No one liked the To Be Continued episodes, it seemed like forever to wait a week when you're a kid, and the second week they always wasted ages on the catch-up when they should have been sliding across the car and driving through cardboard boxes.
Why am I telling you this?
Because you should be getting that feeling of To Be Continued dread about now.
Time for the Where The Feck is Amanda picture!



At Wed Aug 20, 08:29:00 p.m., Blogger cristin said...

Somewhere in San Francisco?

At Thu Aug 21, 08:13:00 p.m., Blogger Amanda said...

nope, but you are on the right coast!

At Mon Aug 25, 06:13:00 p.m., Blogger cristin said...

Kodak Theatre, L.A?

At Tue Aug 26, 02:27:00 a.m., Blogger Amanda said...

yep, it's LA, just up the road from Kodak is....Grauman's


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