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Monday, July 28, 2008

looks like a film quiz

Last week's quiz was all about smell, so to continue the senses theme, this week it's about sight or lack-of. So it makes sense that it's a picture quiz. Name the film from the picture.
Update- some answers

Aunty Helpful Dictator and
Terra Shield got- Minority report



aunty and Terra Shield got - The Village



aunty got - Daredevil


aunty and Terra Shield got - Ray


aunty and Terra Shield got- Scent of a Woman




At Tue Jul 29, 09:16:00 a.m., Blogger Aunty Helpful Dictator said...

1. Minority Report
3. The village
5. Daredevil
6. Ray
7. Scent of a Woman
8..... is going to bug me all day until I remember what that film was called!

At Tue Jul 29, 03:47:00 p.m., Blogger cristin said...

2. Psycho?
8. Barbwire?

At Wed Jul 30, 05:34:00 a.m., Blogger Terra Shield said...

1. Minority Report
3. The village
6. Ray
7. Scent of a Woman

I just noticed though that most of my answers are the same as aunty's

At Fri Aug 01, 04:41:00 p.m., Blogger Amanda said...

well done aunty and terra shield.
no gold stars for you this week cristin;-)


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